While 2016 was about celebrating our achievements over five years, 2017 is about looking forward to the next five at least! While all the favourite festival elements remain, we have several new initiatives starting this year: the “family” Thursday intimate soirée at the winery, and our Sponsor a Chair program, both of which bring our stellar artists and valued supporters even closer together.

And stellar they are! We have been so fortunate in being able to invite Lukas Hagen, the leader of the legendary Hagen Quartet, one of the very few benchmark ensembles in the world, exclusively to SEMF. Also one of the most dazzling international exponents of her instrument, Concertgebouw principal flautist Emily Beynon will bring wind magic to this year’s festival, alongside brilliant young clarinettist Lloyd Van’t Hoff, winner of last year’s ABC Young Performers’ Awards. We’re looking forward to SEMF first-timer Chris Moore’s own unique blend of spectacular playing and irrepressible personality, and… Paul Wright is back! So with Ian and Tobi, without whom SEMF is simply unthinkable, that’s quite a team of artists.

As always we have matched repertoire favourites – although some will be examined more closely in this year’s Inside the Music, challenging some “traditions” of interpretation – with lesser known gems. We have been simply blown away by the discovery of Röntgen’s trio, much as we were by Onslow two years ago, and we have plenty of local colour in works by Duruflé, Shostakovich, Taktakishvilli, and Lanner. We close with a celebration of one of history’s happiest examples of musical collaboration: the arrangement of Haydn’s last symphony by his British impresario Salomon.

So, combined with stellar wines,
food and hospitality, courtesy of the extraordinary Hunter family and Monsieur Pierre, we’re on course for a wonderful first festival of the next chapter of the SEMF story!

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“…. Previous festivals have been superb but this one was even better. The organisation is exemplary with that very necessary element of attention to detail. The friendly atmosphere created by the musicians makes this festival special. Because we meet the same musicians each year (with one or two variations) we have a sense of coming together again for a common purpose and this creates a bond between guests and musicians.” 2014 feedback

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