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2021 Chardonnay

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Tasting Notes

2021 vintage is probably my favourite vintage of all time with a very healthy and happy vineyard, great canopy, easy to manage and a return to great yields.  This chardonnay was treated slightly differently to our past vintages avoiding the secondary fermentation in barrel.  As our chardonnay has great tropical fruit characters and a naturally sweet texture, I wanted a bit more citrus and freshness this year.  So less oak and less time in oak and avoiding secondary fermentation in barrel has resulted in more prominent primary fruit characters with a splash of oak for sophistication.  On the nose, peach is at the fore with a backdrop of bright tropical fruits.  On the palate, tropical fruits at the fore and finish with a background of nuttiness from the oak. Not as heavy and rich as past vintages but an improvement in my opinion. Best drunk cool.

Vintage Overview


Great winter and early spring rain got the vines off to an amazing start. It dried off and got warm all at the ideal time in November making our first fully organic vintage easy to manage.  It looked as if it was going to get really hot again but the first heat wave in late December only reached 38 degrees not the 42 forecast and that’s the hottest it got. It remained a coolish and dry summer setting a perfect and large crop.  It seemed to take forever to harvest, 8 weeks in total, but the fruit was ripening slowly giving us plenty of time to get things right in the winery.  A special vintage that definitely makes up for the previous year’s hardships


We utilise traditional winemaking practices that are labour intensive but within a modern understanding of its ways. The grapes that make up this blend were destemmed and then whole berries transferred to small open fermenters using gravity. The grapes fermented using their naturally occurring yeasts for anywhere between 8 to 30 days with each fermenter treated differently to provide added complexity in the resulting wine. The wine is then transferred via gravity (to avoid pump shock) to French oak barriques (approximately 20% new) and left to mature for approximately 18 months. Prior to bottling the individual varieties are carefully blended to produce a balanced wine.


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