2021 Rosé


2021 Rosé

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Tasting Notes

A very bright and pretty orange salmon colour.  The aroma of ripe Granny Smith apple with a hint of florals make for a very appealing Rosé .  More red apple than green apple on the palate with droves of ripe fruit, there is no residual sugar, but a nice balance of fruit sweetness and acidity. The 60% shiraz, 30% Merlot and 10% Tempranillo all working well together to give layers of flavour.

Winemaker Mark Hunter

Vintage Overview


Great winter and early spring rain got the vines off to an amazing start. It dried off and got warm all at the ideal time in November making our first fully organic vintage easy to manage.  It looked as if it was going to get really hot again but the first heat wave in late December only reached 38 degrees not the 42 forecast and that’s the hottest it got. It remained a coolish and dry summer setting a perfect and large crop.  It seemed to take forever to harvest, 8 weeks in total, but the fruit was ripening slowly giving us plenty of time to get things right in the winery.  A special vintage that definitely makes up for the previous year’s hardships.

The Vineyard

Our boutique vineyard and winery is a family enterprise intent on making concentrated, sophisticated and complex wines inspired by our unique Heathcote terroir, a fault line of ancient Cambrian red rock pulverised over 510 million years into soil.

We have utilised the vertical shoot positioning trellis system to open up the canopy, reduce the risk of disease and expose bunches to direct sun light for ripening. The vines are cane pruned to a single fruiting wire with a maximum 20 buds per vine. Crop levels are naturally low and hence bunch thinning is generally not required and irrigation kept to a minimum with some blocks unirrigated.

To conserve the natural balance within the soils and hence the overall health of the vines, we aim to minimise the use of chemicals. It is our practice to utilise organic principles in the first instance such as organic fertilisers and mulching to control weed growth and then if absolutely necessary, use small amounts of chemicals to target specific parts of the vineyard.

The Winemaking

We utilise traditional winemaking practices that are labour intensive but within a modern understanding of its ways. Carefully selected parcels of Shiraz and Merlot grapes are picked very early in the season to ensure a well-balanced and fresh Rosé. With the blend of Shiraz 60%, Merlot 30% and Tempranillo 10%, the grapes are lightly whole bunch pressed into aged French oak barrels and naturally fermented. The resulting wine then spends another 4 months in barrel on lees to help soften the wine


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