2022 Kindred Shiraz


2022 Kindred Shiraz

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Tasting Notes


Origin of Name

Kindred looks ahead to the next generation of the Sanguine family; the name itself was chosen as it represents those related by blood – a perfect “Sanguine” fit. Consider Kindred as the perfect introduction to the Sanguine Shiraz suite.

Vintage Overview

A cooler than normal winter seemed to go on forever. Budburst was late but the temperature warmed up through late spring and growth kicked on nicely. Strangely for Heathcote temperatures never reached the forties, add to that great soil moisture the vines thrived and an excellent vintage was had in the winery.  All the wines are aromatic and have an elegance, so this is one to cherish.


We utilize traditional winemaking practices such as small fermentation tanks, natural fermentation (i.e. no yeast additions) and gravity feeding. Whilst this can be quite labour intensive, we believe it ensures the preservation of natural fruit flavours and the Heathcote terroir character. As with all varieties produced at Sanguine Estate, the grapes were destemmed, lightly crushed and then naturally fermented with wild indigenous yeasts in small open fermenters. The wine is then transferred via gravity (to avoid pump shock) to predominantly French oak barriques (approximately 10% new) and left to mature for approximately 12 months.

100% Shiraz