Plumm Wine Glass Experience Pack – 4 x European Crystal Glasses

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Plumm Wine Glass Experience Pack – 4 x European Crystal glasses

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Already purchased the “Plumm Wine Glass & Wine Full Sensory Experience Pack” and need another set of glasses for your partner to join in on the fun at our LIVE virtual tasting session on 15th May?

This pack has been added as an item to our website for that purpose however this Plumm Experience pack is available to anyone.

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The Plumm Wine Glass Experience Pack allows you to trial 4 of the 6 vintage crystal glassware range including

1 x Plumm Reda glass suited to the bigger red styles eg Sanguine Estate Shiraz or Cabernets

1 x Plumm Redb glass suited to lighter red wine styles eg Sanguine Estate Tempranillo or Grenache

1 x Plumm Whiteb glass suited to heavier white styles eg Sanguine Estate Oaked Chardonnay

1 x Plumm Whitea glass suited to lighter white/rosé styles eg Sanguine Estate Rosé