We are thrilled to be announcing the results of the Winestate World’s Greatest Shiraz & Syrah Challenge for three reasons.  Firstly, one of our wines achieved 98/100 and top in category (can’t get any higher than that!); secondly, four of our wines achieved 97/100 and thirdly, we are a “feature” winery in this edition – 4 pages dedicated to Sanguine = pages 26, 27, 28 and 29.  Woo Hoo.

A massive congratulations to Winemaker Mark.  Another great achievement!

Sanguine’s current release results

2019 Inception Shiraz – 5 stars (98/100), top 10% in challenge PLUS the best or “Top wine” in the $40 to $45 class. Page 43 for top in category and Page 55 for tasting notes BUY NOW

2018 D’Orsa Shiraz = 4.5 stars (97/100), top 15% in the challenge. Page 58 for the tasting notes BUY NOW

Past Vintage High Scores
2016 D’Orsa Shiraz = 4.5 stars 97/100 top 15% in the challenge.  Page 58 for the tasting notes

2018 Inception Shiraz = 4.5 stars 97/100 top 15% in the challenge.  Page 55 for the tasting notes

2019 Progeny Shiraz = 4.5 stars 97/100, top 15% in the challenge.  Page 51 for the tasting notes.

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