Absolutely INCREDIBLE! Sanguine Estate’s 2012 Inception Shiraz equals 2012 Penfolds Grange as the best Shiraz in the world!

Impressive! Is an understatement. Probably won’t be able to afford any now. Craig Healey, September 2017

Well done guys still my favourite Heathcote winery. David Treger, September 2017 

My Favourite Shiraz from Heathcote. Fortunately I still have half a dozen ageing nicely! Congratulations! Andrew Maeer , September 2017

Well done Mark, Jodi and team! That is an epic achievement. More so because many feel that the 2012 Grange is one of their best in a long long time. Keep up the great work and I look forward to one day tasting your award winning drop. James Mortimer, September 2017 

Top efforts rewarded with a top result. Well done Mark and all the team/family. Stephen Ball, September 2017



We visited Saturday morning and had a group tasting in the morning. It was such a great experience! The wines were incredible and Tony was so lovely.  We’ll definitely be back to Heatcote again. Hannah Hockley, July 2017


“Boathouse was a brilliant evening and we felt like extended family enjoying the special wines and food which has so raised the bar at home. Gary and Matt were so generous with their attention the whole event was special…” Glenda & Peter Ruby, September 2013

“..Enjoyed a great night at Fenix with great Sanguine wines and magnificent food. Highly recommend the Sanguine wine experience.” Greg O”Callahan (Facebook extract) August 2011

“CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for the fabulous night at Fenix Restaurant. Great venue – terrific company – excellent food – fabulous wine – but what else could one expect from a 5 star rating!  Well done indeed”. Mary Stapelton, August 2011

“..I am a new person to Melbourne from Sydney so also new to Victorian wines as well. I love the Sanguine Estate wines I tasted and thoroughly enjoyed the event at FENIX. It must be wonderful to be involved in such a lovely family business. Congratulations on what you have achieved, and thank you for such a wonderful introduction to Melbourne”. Barbara Willebrands, July 2011

“…the D”Orsa evening was AMAZING! The food and wine were perfectly matched (that Cheeky ”10 Chardy with confit trout, and 08 Cab with beef carpaccio was to die for). Thanks for all your hard work we felt very special. Congrats to you and Mark (and Tony and Linda) on the 5 Stars and fab James Halliday ratings” Sigrid DeCastella (Facebook extract) July 2011

“…my wife and I have sampled the tempranillo back at home and we think it’s the best we’ve had outside Spain”. Allan Shatten, July 2011.

“Thanks again for a great night at Fenix – as well as great food and wine you kept a good balance of interesting information and discussion. It certainly kept the small but professional family team feel to it, which I think is a good niche for Sanguine to occupy. The Halliday reviews are well deserved recognition, congratulations to the whole team”. Stephen Ball, July 2011

“I recently decided to open your 2001 Shiraz. After looking at the label I thought I may have been too late as it suggested 05/06 drinking, however cork still in good cond., some sediment of course, excellent bright deep colour, nice fresh nose (wine,not mine) excellent flavours still retaining freshness & length. I believe the wine will still last several more years, so I look forward to further enjoyment drinking the remaing bottles”.  Mel Mattingly, June 2011

“…I opened a bottle of your 2002 estate shiraz last weekend – superb, everything it should be”. James McDougall, June 2011.

 “…first discovered Sanguine in a Bar in Swanston St. It was a glass of the 2004 Estate Shiraz. I loved it and have been an avid collector of Sanguine Estate wines since, The Estate Shiraz is my favourite. My cellar is quite well stocked of vintages dating back to 2004 and I have more Sanguine Estate than any other Winery in my cellar as the wines are consistently excellent…” Emma Thompson, October 2010 

“…I first noticed Sanguine in Winestate Magazine in reference to their D’Orsa. Subsequently I searched them out at the 2007 Heathcote Food & Wine Festival. Our favourite is the D’Orsa, but the rest of the reds are pretty good too. Great quality and value. Hits all the right spots on my palate and great wine to share with friends”.  Stuart Grant, October 2010